What To Expect

When working with Nesthetic, you can expect a fully insured, professional, and trustworthy job is done, infused always with understanding of your needs and of course, fun!

While we have experience in what works for others, ensuring your home works for you is our top priority, so constructive feedback is always welcome. After all, this is your space and we’re here to keep it as such.



  • During the unboxing process we will set up tables and racks, unboxing one room at a time to assess the entirety of items. This allows us to fully understand the amount, type, and size of your items prior to placement, along with a review of our functional design plan.
  • For any boxes we determine require additional input from you, we will set aside for your review and await further direction.


  • In this phase, our functional design plan will be implemented, placing your items in locations we’ve found most useful in a well-organized home.
  • Following the placement phase of each room, you will be able to utilize that space comfortably, as all packing materials will be removed and recycled, unless keeping them for your reuse is preferred.


  • Upon our departure each evening, we will walk through the entire home and tidy as needed. If you are already living in the space, we will make sure an extra tidy hand will be applied, and rooms not yet unpacked allow space to move freely.


  • You’re schedule permitting, we will do a joint walk-through at the end of each Box Out day, familiarizing you with the location(s) of your items. During this time, we welcome any feedback.
  • Should any updates be necessary, we will happily make those adjustments.


  • Once finished, we’ll do a final walk-through with you to assure you’re as pleased as punch and obtain final sign-off on a job well done!


*For clients adding Nest In to our Box Out service, some points may change slightly.


  • Included in your proposal, you will receive floor plans and elevation designs to review, a quote containing an itemized list and photos of organizational products needed to realize this design, and an estimated timeline of the areas that will be worked on each day.
  • Upon approval we will ask for a deposit to cover only the products needed for the space. We never ask for payment of work done until after the project is completed. Once the deposit is received, we will begin procuring the items and schedule a date(s) for our work to begin based upon arrival of items.


  • Organization, done one area at a time, begins with the complete removal of contents stored in that space, allowing us the ability to sort like/similar items and space to allow a rework of your home.
  • Once all items are sorted, we’ll begin to redefine the organization of your space based upon your design layout.
  • Folding, rolling, hanging – stacking, pouring, labeling – color-coding, placing, playing, adjusting. THIS… is the stuff!
  • Once all items are organized and contained, we’ll do a final sweep with our printed labels and give you clarity on current and future organization.


  • Once all applicable rooms have been beautified, a walk-through will be scheduled with you, during which we will ask for honest feedback on our work. Should any adjustments be requested, we will happily make them!


  • Following any adjustments from our walk through, your spaces will be viewable, easy to navigate and generally a delight to see with your own eyes! Our goal is to have you smile when you open a door.
  • Once you’re happy, we’re happy! And we’ll ask you for a final sign off and send an email with request for final payment.


With Nesthetic’s Pare Down (home editing/clutter minimization), our team will serve as guide and sounding board to identify which items are no longer essential to your home. A task often postponed, but typically necessary (to varying degrees) in cultivating simplicity and serenity at home.

GOAL ALIGNMENT (EXAMPLE) – Together, we will identify target rooms/item types, determine a percentage or number by which it can be reduced, and outline deadlines for each. Nesthetic can be there every step of the way or used as accountability if DIY is preferred.

Space / Item Type % Reduction Due Date
Primary Closet 25% January 1
Toys 25% January 4
Attic Storage 30% January 7


  • Remove like items and place on a flat surface, allowing a bird’s eye view of like-item amount and overlap.
  • Pull each item one at a time and ask yourself the following questions:

    Have I used/worn this item in the last year?

    Do I choose to wear/use this specific item over others of similar purpose?

    Would I even notice if this item was gone?

    Would I keep this item if it were originally free?

    Do I LOVE this item?

  • If you answered ‘NO’ to 3 or more of these questions, you’ve given yourself permission to let it go.


  • Just because these items no longer serve you and your needs, doesn’t mean they can’t do so for someone else! At Nesthetic, we always advocate for re-selling or donating when possible and appropriate.
  • That said, if the item is simply ‘yuck,’ a toss might be in order.


Before we get started, there are a few things we politely request of you to make this process as efficient and seamless as possible:
  • SWEET HARDWOODS! – If applicable, leave any floor covering from the movers on the floor to keep your surfaces safe. We will happily remove and dispose of once the unpacking process is complete.
  • LET ME IN! – Please let us know how you intend for us to access your home – be that a copy of your key if you will not be present, alarm codes, access codes/visitor lists for gated communities/complexes, parking, etc.
  • THE TEA – Is the dog allergic to rice-based treats? Should we not talk to your neighbor on the left? Is your trash bin supposed to go where we parked?
  • OH, SO PERSONAL– If there are any items you’d prefer we do not touch, please mark them with our “CONFIDENTIAL” stickers. We value your privacy, but are also forward-thinking individuals, so feel free to have us organize anything and everything with which you feel comfortable.
  • CHILL, MAN, CHILL– If you are going to be in the space when we are, expect to relax (unless during a walkthrough or editing session). This one is difficult as watching someone do work while you’re typing away or binging Netflix seems counter to Emily Post’s book, “Etiquette”. That said, we prefer the ability to focus on your items without interruption.
  • SAFETY ALERT – It is vitally important that your pets and/or children remain out of the spaces we’re addressing as often as possible for both safety and efficiency. Don’t get us wrong, we love them both, but their safety is highest priority.
  • HONESTY: THE BEST POLICY – If you’re with us, we’ll ask you questions as needed. If you’re not, we’ll have check-ins to discuss options when we need your input. Please be open and honest with us. No hurt feelings here. We’re in this for you!
  • TRUST. THE. PROCESS. – Remember that things will look worse before they look so darn good. There may be a moment (especially during the first part of the process) where you’re questioning your decision but remember – We’ve got you!