Freshen Up: Nesthetic transforms closets and living spaces in homes across the Austin, TX area.

Refresh sessions for established clients.

  • Are you without the time and/or desire to keep up with organization?
  • Hosting guests for the holidays?
  • Do you simply want to things looking polished for YOU?

Reset your space & ensure your calm

While we aim to inspire and kick off a truly organized home, we understand that keeping it tip-top requires time and attention that is not always readily available. Our Freshen Up Subscription offers established clients refresh sessions at a discounted rate, to get those spaces back to center.

Whether for the entire home or specific areas the Freshen Up is for YOU to define during our recurring visits.

Our Closet Organizer Services

Nesthetic Home takes your closet designs and organization systems and reworks or refreshes them, so that your living space is maximized, and you can find what you need, when you need it.

De-cluttering and being discreet are our specialties!

Our team will design or organize your existing: 

  • Walk-in closets
  • Standalone closets
  • Reach-in closets and cupboards
  • Linen closets
  • Hallway or entryway closets
  • Children’s closets
  • Shelves
  • And so much more… any closet big or small!
We do this with an eye on aesthetics and ease of access, in any room of your home.

Your bedrooms, kitchen, living and entertainment rooms, bathrooms, home office, garage, attic, basement and laundry space can be totally transformed… with the help of a Nesthetic Home’s organization expert!

WHAT’S INCLUDED in Our Closet Organizer Service?

  • Let us get you back to how we left you
  • Seasonal or elective changes to your space
  • Label updates
  • Additional item procurement as needed

Discounted pricing

  • Weekly Full Home Refresh – 30% discount
  • Monthly Full Home Refresh –25% discount
  • One Time Refresh – 15% discount

Our Closet Organizing Process


We will listen to you!

It’s your closet space(s) and we want to hear what you want us to do with their re-organization. Describe your task and we will construct a plan of action that best suits your desired outcome.


Pick your expert!

Once you’ve decided on the scope of your task comes the fun part of choosing who you want in your home completing the project. Choose from our carefully curated list of organization experts and decide on pricing and timeframes together!


Let the organizing begin!

Your expert will arrive at your home on the confirmed day to begin the job. They will work discreetly and won’t make any major changes without consulting you first. Your payment is secure, and we will look forward to hearing how the experience went.

Why Hire Professional Closet Organizers in Austin, TX?

The simple answer is that a closet organizer saves you hours of stress and effort.

For many folks, digging around and reshuffling a closet space doesn’t seem like a big deal. But continually doing so can create more clutter and more stress with time.

A closet organizer ensures that your items are located in optimal zones and prioritized according to their frequency of use and time of year.

This increases your productivity!

By purging and maximizing your closet space, you’ll also prolong the life of your closet.

Our Service Areas

We provide our services to the Austin, TX area including, but not limited to:

  • Tarrytown
  • Northwest Austin
  • Lost Creek / Barton Creek
  • West Lake Hills
  • Old West Austin
  • Rollingwood
  • Rosedale
  • Zilker / Barton Hills
  • Travis Heights
  • Allandale
  • Oak Hill
  • Cherrywood
  • Hyde Park
  • South Lamar
  • Buda
  • South Congress
  • East Austin
  • South Austin
  • Mueller
  • Dripping Springs

Schedule your consultation here:

Hire a Professional Closet Organizer in Austin, TX

Nesthetic Home makes your closet spaces work better for you and everyone in your home. Call us today at +1 314-750-1884 to see what we can do today!

Get your closets organized, with Nesthetic Home! Keep Closets Organized and Carry On!.. with help from Nesthetic Home.

FAQ’s on Home Organizing Service

A closet organization system helps prioritize frequently used items in a closet space, making your life easier. This can be due to the time of year or other personal priorities.

By enlisting the help of a professional closet organizer like one of the experts at Nesthetic Home!

Closet organization helps take out the time and stress of locating important items when you need them most. It also helps prolong the life of your closets.

A clear strategy and list of priorities. When these are created in consultation with the client, a closet becomes optimally organized.

Yes. There are some companies that do this, but Nesthetic Home has the most experienced closet experts on hand and is local to the Austin, TX area.

They come to your home and after consulting with you and agreeing on a price and scope of the task, reorganize, redesign and reconfigure closets. We highly recommend hiring a professional to get the most out of your closets and storage spaces.

Absolutely! If being able to find things quickly and with less stress is important to you, then a closet organizer is a must.

This depends on the number of closets needing to be reorganized, their size and their accessibility. We offer discount packages.

After removing all items and purging has been completed, they are reinserted according to their priority and size. When designing new closets, we use 3D computer modelling.

By being prepared to spend a lot of time and stress on the task throughout the year. We highly recommend hiring an expert from Nesthetic Home to get the most out of your closets and storage spaces, anywhere in your home.