Design Services

Design vision by Nesthetic, brought to life by you.

  • Do you love to do the work, but don’t know where, or how to begin?
  • Are you the type of person who needs to see the options before carrying out the vision?
  • Do you enjoy doing projects around the home but don’t have the time to prepare and source everything you need?

Design Services Details

For clients who have the desire to organize , but struggle with layout, where items should be stored, or even which bins to purchase, Nesthetic’s Design Services are here to close the gap.

Each custom crafted package offers our to-scale design drawings, curated product list, and editing assignments, for our clients to execute themselves using our thought-out and established vision.

What’s Included

  • Complimentary in-home consultation
  • Estimate for Design Services based upon scope of work
  • Detailed proposal including schematic design sketches, curated product list, and editing assignments (if necessary)
  • One complimentary real-time proposal review + design revision session
  • Copy of finalized design proposal following design revision session

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