About Maura Gibson

At Nesthetic, we believe your home is your sanctuary, intended to ground you amidst each day’s twists and turns. For many, however, the time and energy to prioritize making this space as such, is difficult to come by. Perhaps it’s a demanding new job, the never-ending carpooling of your kids, or you simply don’t know where to begin.

We are here to change that.

Maura Gibson

Nesthetic Co-Founder

Raised in small town Nebraska where fun was of your own creation, Nesthetic Co-Founder, Maura Gibson, discovered her love for creativity at a very young age – painting murals on walls and belting show-tunes on stage.

This sense of free expression led Maura to a career in the music industry, where she quickly worked her way up from minimum-wage clerk to Vice President of the then, third largest e-commerce platform in The States. In 2018, Maura and her husband Mark, purchased a declining bicycle manufacturing company, which together they made profitable and continue to own today.

Of all the hats she’s worn, her biggest passion is adding to the lives of others and mentoring women in the art of navigating businesses. Reducing wasted time and energy, and increasing productivity is at her method’s core, bringing a keen intuition for effectiveness, and love of design and aesthetics to Nesthetic.