Frequently Asked Questions

Following our phone consultation, we will schedule an in person assessment of your space - also free of charge. From there, Nesthetic will provide an estimate on the number of hours the project will take along with the cost for detailed design drawings, if desired as part of your package.

In short, that depends on the number of items you have and what you’d like to accomplish, but please visit THIS BLOG POST as an initial reference point.

If design drawings are included in your package, the design fee will be due prior to beginning on the design proposal. After our clients have reviewed and signed off on the proposal, the only additional amount due will be that for the cost of organizational products we procure for your space, such as containers, bins, baskets, etc. No other payment will be required until the job is complete and our clients are happy!

That is entirely up to you and we are perfectly happy to work in your space while you are away.

The service for which we may request scheduled meetings is our Pare Down (Clutter Minimization) service as your input is necessary when determining which items are being removed from your home.

It is imperative that you or your movers place all boxes in the rooms for which they are intended. If they are not, we will need you to do some rearranging, and in the meantime, we’ll begin in those rooms ready in this regard.

Of course! All Nesthetic services can be mix and matched throughout spaces. We will discuss with you during our initial consultation and in-person assessment, so your proposal reflects your needs and your aesthetic.

We can recommend placement of these items from a design perspective, and will hire an installation professional for an additional fee as requested.

Yes, Nesthetic is fully insured.

YES! We love kiddos and pets, but it is important that they remain out of spaces in which we are working for both their safety and our efficiency.

We get it! Should you need them, please request our “confidential” stickers at any time. Simply place them on any items you’d prefer to keep to yourself. That said, we are forward-thinking individuals, so feel free to have us organize anything and everything in your home.