The Breakfast Cabinet: A Functional Design Winner

Wiping the sleep from your eyes? Shuffling into the kitchen with kids and dogs needing attention all before your first cup of coffee? You’re in need of a morning routine that is both functional, quick, and easy to access.

Cue: The Breakfast Cabinet.

A key aspect of Nesthetic’s methodology is placing things where you use them.

Less steps = Less frustration.

In the breakfast cabinet’s case, all the things you’ll need in the morning are placed in one cabinet allowing for quick access when you need it most. In a sleepy fog, you’ll never question where your morning necessities can be found.

In our designs, we believe that placing the breakfast cabinet above the coffee maker, blender, and/or teapot (depending on your routine) is the best functional move.

Items to include in your very own breakfast cabinet:

  • Coffee
  • Tea / Matcha
  • Sweeteners/ Shelf-Stable Creamers
  • Coffee Filters / Tea Strainers
  • Protein Powders / Formulas
  • Smoothie Additions (Nut Butters, Ginger, Tumeric, etc.)
  • Cereals / Granola
  • Medications & Vitamins
  • Mugs and To-Go Cups