How Did Nesthetic Begin? Glad You Asked!

Maura Gibson and Jordan Potter met through a mutual friend in 2017 while working in the music industry; Maura, then President of a ticketing software company, and Jordan, a Senior Talent Buyer for a major concert promoter. It was a mutual friend and colleague who brought the pair together and they clicked immediately given their shared ties to the Midwest; Jordan was born in Chicago where her Dad grew up, and Maura was raised in Nebraska, later living in St. Louis. Those midwest gals just hit different!

Their friendship grew steadily over the years, blossoming fully when both women decided to depart the “music biz” in pursuit of a change – something new, something different. During this time, Maura became an incredible mentor to Jordan, spending hours together chatting about what was, what is, and what could be.

Every so often, the prospect of starting a business together would come up given their unique, yet harmonizing backgrounds. Maura, a software-executive-turned-entrepreneur purchased (with her husband) a bicycle manufacturing company in 2018. (Shout out to Chumba USA!) Jordan, with an innate eye for aesthetics and attention to detail along with a decade of business acumen negotiating concert deals with venues and bands.

It wasn’t until a poolside conversation about interior design and home organization in Summer 2022 (two things about which both women are extremely passionate), that they realized – THAT’S IT! Maura & Jordan are excited to be merging their business-focused backgrounds with their passion for the home through Nesthetic – thrilled to help people simplify their lives, giving them more time to spend on what’s most important.