About Us

Ensuring your home works for you is our top priority.
After all, this is your space, and we’re here To Keep it as such.

Nesthetic Co-Founders | Jordan Potter & Maura Gibson

Growing up in a home with love of Mid-Century design and Feng Shui principles, Nesthetic Co-Founder, Jordan Potter, early understood the importance of visual and spatial balance.

A firm believer these principles are the foundation for how we start and end each day, she’s enjoyed applying them (along with her eclectic flare) to her own South Austin home, where she lives with her husband, Ryan.

Reducing wasted time and energy while increasing productivity is the core philosophy of Co-Founder, Maura Gibson. She brings a keen intuition for effectiveness, and a love of design and aesthetics to Nesthetic.

Currently, in school for interior design and as acting co-founder of two small businesses, she understands that time equals money and loves helping others navigate the many facets of life through organization and functional design.

Our commitment to the planet

Our commitment to the planet

Every item removed from your home gets sorted and recycled at Austin Resource Recovery apart from drugs/vitamins, which are disposed of at Walgreens who keep them out of our wastewater. We believe wholly in recycling every piece we can and reusing those we cannot. Only 0.05% of items are thrown in the trash as we strive to commit to Austin’s Zero Waste by 2040 program.

Every item that can be reused is donated to a local Austin donation center. We work hard to assure smaller and more focused charities receive our items instead of sending them to “big box” thrift stores. We would love to donate to any charities near to your heart if we don’t have them listed below.

We do not charge for recycling or donating items for reuse. We believe wholeheartedly in this as a core value of our business and therefore, wouldn’t think of charging for time to sort/deliver.